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2017 Revel

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Final Revel Report for 2017

Chris Grose, Chair of the D&H Village Hall Revel Committee, writes:

The Revel Fete returned to Wynter House this year. We had 194 ticket admissions, 15 children, 62 event/ stall managers and assistants, 79 gymnasts (performers and parents) – in total 350 people attended the Revel Fete.  Net income after deduction of costs was £1173, inclusive of the Revel Supper (£660), compared with £1864 raised in 2012. The Revel Committee had decided to put enjoyment above fundraising, and the usual stalls plus a few new ones were provided, plus teas and a brass band, all at reasonable prices. One major event, a gymnastic performance by King Edmund Acrogymnastics, lifted the Revel to a higher level of entertainment than previously attained. There is considerable enthusiasm amongst the Revel Committee to do it again next year and a date has already been set: 23rd June 2018

WebEd writes: Residents owe a great debt of gratitude to Chris for his brilliant organization of this year’s Revel and, as importantly, for helping to ensuring future Revels.  Let’s hope next year even more volunteers come forward to help.