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The village hall is there for the community to use, and there has been a considerable increase in activity in recent years. Every year for the last 6 or 7 years the Hall has been upgraded and improved. The money to pay for these improvements comes from the Trust’s own resources, from community fund raising activities such as the Revel, and we also apply to government and private sector bodies for grants for specific projects.

Ideas, priorities, and complaints from the community are extremely helpful to the Trust to address issues with the Hall as it stands, and to help us prioritise current and future investments.

Aims of the customer feedback procedure

 To make it as simple and straightforward as possible for people to make complaints, suggestions and compliments about the management of the Village Hall.

 To reassure individuals who make a complaint or suggestion that the Trust will respond even if the complaint is not upheld.

 To inform individuals where a suggestion is adopted, what specific action is being taken in response.

Ways to provide feedback:

Individuals may complain:

 in person to a committee member. They should then submit a written complaint if they would like the committee to consider their complaint.

 in writing to E. Walsh, Hinds Cottage, Dyrham, SN14 8ER

 by email via

 via this website’s Village Hall Pages   …

Receiving a complaint

An acknowledgement will be sent confirming the receipt of the complaint, indicating a timescale for a response. Where it is necessary for the issue to be raised at a Trust meeting, the acknowledgement will indicate the date of that meeting.

If details of a complaint are made verbally then an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the complainant setting out the details of the issues raised for confirmation of the complaint.

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