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Draft Minutes 2

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7. Planning Applications

No objections/Neutral: None

Objection by PC: None

Discussed at meeting: PK18/5137/LB Tollgate Tea Shop, Oldfield Gate, Dyrham. Application to retain the works carried out for erection of single storey rear extension and installation of raised decking to form seating area. The Parish Council agreed this.

Agreed by SGC: None.

8. Accounts - payments since last meeting

                                                     £             £net

Clerk Wages October                                    236.75

Yate Computing (website)                              40.00

Prestige Grounds                          360.00       432.00

CGD Construction                         438.00       525.60

Clerk – Wages Nov                                        236.55

Yate Computing                                     40.00

Murray Hire                                   96.48        115.78

 SLCC                                                             89.00           

9. Bank Reconciliation and Income and Expenditure by Budget: The clerk distributed these.  

10. Information from Meeting with Clerk and PB regarding precept: The Clerk had attached the information on the budget

for next year, which would be ratified at the Finance Meeting in January 2019.

11. Community Benefit Money

Parish Hall: The clerk had distributed the letter from VHT to all councillors. This letter concerned the minutes of the previous

PC meeting. The chair confirmed that the minutes were a record of a discussion that had taken place during the meeting. This

discussion was based on information provided to the PC by the VHT. No formal minutes of the closed meeting between the two

committees had been produced. As is standard practice, the councillors present at the closed meeting had produced a report,

which was appended to the PC minutes. As an open body the PC will continue to make information available to the people

whom we represent. Resolve: Clerk to reply to VHT. The VHT have not yet informed the PC if they wish to take advantage of

the offer of £5000.

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