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Draft Minutes 1

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Present: Councillors: Kerry Sawyer (KS) – Chairman, Bruce Gawler BG (Vice Chairman) Philip Boulton (PB) Andrew Banwell (AB), Sharon

Sasada (SS) and the Clerk Christine Howard. A representative of Dyrham and Hinton Cricket Club. Ward Councillor: None.

Members of the Public

A committee member came Dyrham and Hinton Cricket Club to explain about their application for a grant. The club is in desperate need of

a new lawn mower as the current one will cost too much to repair and is not good enough to cut the whole area. A new one fit for purpose

would be approximately £1,500 to £2,000. The representative then left the meeting.

1.  Apologies for absence: B Stokes.

2. Declaration of Interests under the Localism Bill: PB declared an interest on the grant application for Dyrham Cricket Club and took

no part in the discussion on this.

3. Reports on Meetings Attended: The Clerk had attended the GDPR course held at Bradley Stoke, the South Gloucestershire Council

Local Plan Meeting, also the South Gloucestershire Equalities Conference last week. BG attended the Parkland Management Plan meeting

– See appendix 1.

4. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting held on 25th January 2018: BG proposed them as a correct record, seconded by

AB - carried unanimously by all those who attended the meeting.

5. Matters Arising from the last meeting not on an agenda item: 18. Norley Lane, Tormarton a further e mail had been received

asking for Councillor’s individual response to the South Glos Local Plan the Clerk had supplied it was decided that individual councillors would


6. Councillor Vacancy – adoption of new Councillor: Sharon Sasada had applied to become a councillor and it was agreed that she be

co-opted on to the Council, as no other person had come forward to fill the position. SS signed all the relevant paperwork.

7. Election of Vice Chairman: PB Proposed Bruce Gawler be elected as vice chairman seconded by SS - carried unanimously.

8. Correspondence Received

From South Glos Council:

Information from Sally Pattison from SGC with information about Dyrham and Hinton Biodiversity action plan.


Thank you letters for the grants received from St Peter’s Hospice, The West of England MS Centre and the Citizen’s advice Centre

E mail from South West Ambulance service regarding the annual defibrillator training this will be arranged in June.

The Chairman read out a letter from the owner of the Gatekeepers Lodge stating that the Clerk had visited the property on 2 occasions and had trespassed. The Clerk had made her report and the Chairman would write to the owner stating the support for her.

9. Planning Applications

Agreed by Parish Council: Hinds Cottage, Upper Street PK18/0312/LB. Replacement of windows.

Objected by Parish Council: None.

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