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18 Feb

Keys Found

From earthquakes to lost keys - we cover the lot. Are these your keys? Found near the Barns /west end of Lower Street area ... Link. Let me know if they're yours ... Link

17 Feb

Earthquake hits Parish

Several residents were shaken this afternoon at about 1430 hrs when the shock from an earthquake, 4.4 on the Richter scale, reached the parish. The epicentre was near Swansea. Experts classified it as minor and said such quakes might occur every two or three years.

17 Feb

Gold for Ex-Dyrhamite

Congratulations to Lizzy Arnold, who used to live in Dyrham until recently, for winning a Gold Medal in the skeleton competition at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang today.

06 Jan

Smaller Bins for All

SGC Recycling will start to deliver new 140 L bins (previously 240 L) wef January 15 and the project will be complete by the end of the month.

04 Jan 18

Lisa's Country Cafe Closes

Sadly, we discover that Lisa'ss Country Cafe closed at the end of 2017.

09 Dec

PC Councillor Resigns

A D&H PC councillor resigned on 5th December following the parish council meeting. A replacement will be needed. The PC will co-opt unless an election is called by ten D&H residents before 4th January 2018. Election procedure ... Link

28 Nov

PC Protest

Residents will attend the parish council meeting on Nov 30 to demand the removal of the councillor who was allegedly responsible for verbal and written abuse distributed by hand and social media around the parish.

14 Nov

Dyrham Hate Mail

Dyrham residents were surprised to find an abusive letter posted in their letterboxes last week defaming a respected resident. Enquires are being made to identify the culprit.

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