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17 May

New Project for Village Hall

The Village Hall Trustees are planning a radical inprovement to the forecourt & pavement area at the Village Hall ... Link

16 Apr

New Business in Parish

The Little Nannies Cafe has opened on the "Quackers'" site. Please give this valuable parish asset your support. More information to follow ... Link

16 Apr

Normal Service Resumes

EdWeb Inc's main publishing organ - the laptop - having recovered last year from a fatal encounter with the wheels of a car, has recovered from another near fatal hardware illness and is awaiting news and other input, however minor, from readers.

09 Mar

Snow hits Parish

A second severe natural event hit the parish in a week in the form of deep snow. Unfortunately, website staff had left for the Southern Hemisphere before the snow, so we are unable to provide a first-hand account. Please send in any photos or accounts for the records to the boss's personal email address or via Contact ... Link. See ... Link for one photo (?year) of previous heavy snow in parish.

04 Mar

Pucklechurch Saved

The Eastern Option for the M$ Junction 18A has been abandoned, MP says ... Link

04 Mar

Council Tax Rise

Council tax bills will rise 5.99% from April – a 2.99% general rise and 2% to pay for extra adult social care. Extra sums added for Police, Fire Service and parish council precepts.

18 Feb

Keys Found

From earthquakes to lost keys - we cover the lot. Are these your keys? Found near the Barns /west end of Lower Street area ... Link. Let me know if they're yours ... Link

17 Feb

Earthquake hits Parish

Several residents were shaken this afternoon at about 1430 hrs when the shock from an earthquake, 4.4 on the Richter scale, reached the parish. The epicentre was near Swansea. Experts classified it as minor and said such quakes might occur every two or three years.

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