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The Dyrham & Hinton Village Hall Trust is pleased to report their achievements. Our aim is to make the parish’s most useful facility even more comfortable and safe for parishioners to use.

September 2018

The Village Hall Committee is pleased to announce the start of a major plan to improve the front area of the Village Hall,starting on Monday 1st October and lasting about six weeks. They apologise for any inconvenience it might cause to users.

The work will:

1. Improve the quality of the forecourt by making it a pedestrian-only area.

2. Solve the potential for flooding at the front of the hall.

3. Open up a second access to the north car park (to the LHS as seen from the front of the hall). The north car park will become the main car park.

4. Install bollards on the road side of the front wall to prevent parked vehicle obscuring the view of vehicles leaving the car park and to improve the appearance of the front of the hall.

5. Create a drop off for disabled users at the south end of the pedestrian area, thus allowing level access to the hall for wheel chair users.

Regular and casual users of the hall have been/will be informed about any new arrangements for the duration of the work.

The next two WI meetings will be held in Doynton Village Hall.

Members of the committee have met with Parish Councillors about the project and a possible contribution to the cost of the project from Community Funds. The PC will decide at their next meeting on 4th October.

In the future, the surface of the two car parks will be improved, but currently there are insufficient funds (even with Community Fund money). The VHC decided that the safety and disability issues should be addressed first with this project.

Passers by may have noticed some reduction in the weeds around the hall. This is an on-going project which will continue.

The VHC is always open to suggestions about how to improve the hall or its running and has provided a contact portal on this section of… Link.  In the past three years, there have been no suggestions or criticism, so the committee assume parishioners may be happy with the VHC’s management of the Village Hall.

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