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June 2017 - Date: Awaiting Reports from the Secretary

11th May 2017: Fifteen members met in the hall for our Resolutions meeting. This year there were two Resolutions to discuss: Alleviating loneliness and Plastic soup. The president, Maria Card, tackled Alleviating loneliness first and led a general discussion with members sharing many of their own personal experiences. The debate covered causes of loneliness and practical solutions to help with this. Members voted unanimously in favour to send this resolution forward. Next up was Plastic soup. This was not plastic bags and bottles floating in the sea as some of us had imagined, but micro beads and fibres from clothes and cosmetics being washed out to sea every year, and the problems they are causing. This subject divided the group with some members unsure that there were any practical solutions to the problem. A vote was taken and nine members voted for, six members abstained. Wine and cheese was served during the meeting and the discussion was followed by a short business meeting. The meeting closed at 9.15.

13th April 2017: Fifteen members met in the Village Hall with Joycelyne Blockley, an Argentinian Tango teacher. She firstly discussed correct posture and then demonstrated the “Tango walk”which was harder than it looked. We then worked in pairs trying to master some basic steps that Joycelyne made look very easy. We finished with a square sequence which created a great deal of laughter.! We listened to different music including the Tango Waltz! Joycelyne was thanked and a business meeting followed.

9th March 2017: Twenty five members attended our March meeting to hear from Jill Conway, a prosthetic make up artist with over thirty years experience. Jill brought with her some very gruesome props and explained the different techniques for creating realistic effects for television programs such as Casualty. This included (not literally) sticking knives in people's arms and putting glass in open wounds. Jill brought along her model for the evening and demonstrated how she could change someone's appearance with wigs and make up. She then transformed the model into someone who had been badly beaten up much to our fascination.  

9th February 2017: Our February meeting, featured a talk about the history of Deer at Dyrham House, their management and a very tasty sampling of venison casserole! Dale Dennehy gave an insight into the fascinating history of the House and estate from the middle ages to the present day. The Deer that live in the park and how they have been a feature throughout the centuries. He explained in detail the different types of deer, how to recognise them and their correct names! Not every deer with antlers is a stag .... indeed male deer in the Park are 'bucks'!  Photo

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