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Village Hall Trust 2016 Report

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The Dyrham & Hinton Village Hall Trust is pleased to report their achievements. Our aim is to make the parish’s most useful facility even more comfortable and safe for parishioners to use.


. The VHC is running this year’s Revel and 50 volunteers so far have been identified.

. Actions are in hand to rebuild the wall on the farm buildings side of the south car park

. An architect has been appointed and a project to improve the forecourt and road access is in hand

. A new rear patio and new doors on to it have been installed.


* Grant pledged by the parish Council for improvement works to back of hall.

* Replacement black aluminium french doors to kitchen ordered.

* Making good the patio area at the back of the hall to commence after french doors are replaced.

* New waste disposal contractor appointed (Able waste) after SGC refused to collect rubbish from village halls as they are   deemed to be a commercial enterprise.

* New conference table obtained with a grant from the Parish Council.

* Consultations taking place with SGC to improve car park arrangements prior pedestrianising the front of the hall.

* Hardwood “Village Hall” sign obtained and erected above the main doors.

* Dirt trapper mat laid in the foyer.

* New electric tea urn obtained.

* Kitchen and bin store doors redecorated.

* Trees around the hall surveyed and made safe.

* Fire safety signage fitted.

* Additional funds raised by organising the annual Revel.

* Extensive remedial works carried out at the Old School House.

* Large tree with a potential to be dangerous felled at the Old School House.

* Internal rooms enlarged at The Old School.